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A colleague and friend, whom I also consider a mentor, has recently launched a new website.

Robyn Wiley's firm has been managing several art collections over the past twenty-plus years (and counting). We've worked together on a number of projects, during which time her expertise, dedication and professionalism have served as a source of inspiration to me. I congratulate her on the success and growth of her business.

Please visit to learn more.

I found this article, originally published by the Washington Post, to be highly amusing:

Donald Trump asks Guggenheim Museum for Van Gogh painting, is offered gold toilet instead

Something tells me he might already have one of those.

This article, with tips for preparing and insuring artworks for natural disasters, is interesting also for the accompanying image:

As Natural Disasters Loom, What You Should Know About Insuring Your Art

I would not recommend packing up your priceless Rodin like that! Exposed marble, coloured / inadequate blankets, stretch wrap in contact with the surface: the horror!

A study was conducted which claims that artworks created when an artist is depressed are seen to be less valuable.

When artists are depressed their art has less value, finds U.S study

I take it with a grain of salt, however, as countless celebrated masterpieces have been created under psychological angst.

A fascinating inside look at the restoration of a painting recently attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, which broke records when sold recently at auction:

Saving Salvatore Mundi

I found it to be very a very well researched and presented article.

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