Art Squared is a Sydney-based practice dedicated exclusively to the professional management of your art collection. With over twenty years’ experience working with many important collections, we ensure your treasured objects are attended to meticulously, with museum quality and the utmost discretion. Our focus is to provide you with the expertise necessary to guide your art collection safely through the transitions required for maintaining its value and appeal.
Among the comprehensive services we provide:

  • collection registration
    • We collate, research and document vital information to establish and maintain a thorough record of each work, and to provide accurate provenance.

  • inventory database creation and management
    • Our specialised art collection management software, designed and maintained by us, provides a customised inventory specific to your collection’s requirements.

  • photographic documentation
    • Digital images of each artwork are essential for identification, insurance purposes and condition recording, as well as convenient exhibition design aids.

  • condition evaluation
    • Regular inspections of each work are vital for early detection of condition changes, assessment for possible conservation needs, or for insurance claims. Inspections are most important before and after transitions.

  • exhibition coordination and management
    • We work closely with you to design and implement the safe exhibition of your collection in your home, office or gallery, according to your taste, and always with the artworks’ preservation as the primary concern.

  • art loans administration
    • We negotiate with borrowers for contractual terms and conditions that ensure the protection and safe return of your asset/s.

  • domestic and international courier services
    • When accompanying your artworks in transit, we actively direct their handling as they move through cargo warehouses, transport carriers and storage facilities, until they safely reach their destination.

  • resource coordination
    • At your direction, we manage communications and scheduling of service providers and other relevant parties to ensure satisfactory completion of your collection-related matters.

  • online client account access
    • Secure online account access is available with your username and password, to view your collection information at any time.

Let our commitment to providing exclusive, individualised services help further your enjoyment of the art you collect.

Article: "Why do I need a professional art collection manager?"

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